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Jun 5, 2024

7 SEO Services in Montreal to Boost Your SEO Rankings: Our SEO Agency’s Perspective

7 SEO Services in Montreal to Boost Your SEO Rankings: Our SEO Agency’s Perspective

Trying to find a good SEO agency to fix your search ranking issues may sometimes feel like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

SEO companies tend to promise the same things on their home pages.

We’ve seen that firsthand since we’re also an SEO agency, and we’ve studied our competitors.

But we digress.

This article is the best page you can be on to find the top SEO services Montreal has to offer.

We’ll use our expertise and market insights into our Montreal competitors to highlight your best options. We’ll discuss their services, unique value propositions, and more.

Let’s start.

Tl;dr: 7 Best SEO Services Montreal

  1. Blue Things: Known for data-driven and adaptable SEO strategies with a global reach.
  2. BlueHat Marketing Inc.: Offers a wide range of services with a strong track record and emphasis on mobile experience.
  3. My Little Big Web: Google-certified with flexible, short-term collaborations and complex solution simplification.
  4. SEO Troop: Integrates development talent with marketing expertise for customized SEO and PPC services.
  5. Rablab: Specializes in SEO and Google Ads with a focus on content, technical proficiency, and large-scale ad management.
  6. Whelk: Known for on-page SEO, local SEO understanding, and comprehensive digital services.
  7. ProStart SEO: Emphasizes a scientific approach to SEO with real-time analytics and a comprehensive service range.

1. Blue Things: Best Overall

That’s us.

We’ve put ourselves first because we can guarantee our high-standard work quality firsthand.

Working with will give you two key benefits:

  • Data-driven, results-oriented SEO solutions: Our SEO experts arguably love data more than their families. Mom, I hope you’re not reading this. We use this data almost like bloodhounds, to sleuth out strategies that work. 
  • Adaptable SEO rankings: We also follow the data to zero in on the best-performing SEO strategies even after implementing the campaign. For example, if we notice SEO tactics that perform specifically well in your case, we’ll double down on that. That’s how you ensure your SEO efforts are productive.

That’s what we did for all our clients.

Our sister company, influencer marketing platform inBeat, trusted us with its SEO campaigns.

With a mix of low-hanging keywords and strategic backlinks, we increased inBeat’s relevant website traffic from 500 to 300k visitors per month.

After reaching its target audience more comprehensively with high-quality content and inbound links from authoritative websites, inBeat noticed a $4,000,000 pipeline value increase.

We’ve also appointed our best SEO experts to work for Content Allies’ SEO strategy.

A solid mix of content planning, writing, and external link building skyrocketed their online presence.

This generated more organic search traffic from search engines, +60% in enterprise SQLs, and $2,000,000 in qualified traffic value.

We can obtain similar results for your company according to your business goals.

And yes, we boast more affordable SEO services than other agencies in Montreal.

Key services: B2B SEO management, keyword research, SEO content strategy and quality content writing, competitive analysis, white-hat link-building, on-page SEO, international SEO, local SEO

Notable clients: inBeat, Tiddle, ThreatX, Arielle, Content Allies, Hurom, iWave, Zeffy

2. BlueHat Marketing Inc.: Solid Reputation

BlueHat Marketing Inc. has been a prominent name in the SEO landscape for nearly two decades, renowned for its comprehensive digital strategies encompassing everything from web design to SEO and digital marketing services.

Operating out of New York, Toronto, and Montreal, their remote work flexibility and team of professionals have been pivotal in their success since 2007.

What sets BlueHat apart?

  • Extensive service range: They offer various services, including technical SEO, mobile optimization, content development, and more, catering to multiple industries. They also do social media marketing, PPC, and even influencer marketing to increase visibility in search engines.
  • Proven success stories: One notable success includes a 1000% traffic increase for a US-based curtains business, showcasing their ability to overcome significant website challenges.
  • Keyword research: Their fundamental approach to finding relevant keywords sets the stage for long-term strategy refinement.
  • Mobile experience: Understanding the importance of mobile optimization, they focus on enhancing mobile user experience, which is crucial in today’s market.

Basically, our Montreal competitors are great, even though they offer more generic services, while Blue Things is best for specialized, bespoke solutions.

Here’s the thing that gives us pause, though.


We know BlueHat has been around since 2005 and has built a great reputation. Still, promising these types of specific results can be misleading.

Search engine optimization depends on very specific factors – and you should be prepared for not getting those results in that timeframe. 

At Blue Things, we’ll help you set tangible SEO goals, monitoring your KPIs so you can reach solid results.

Services: Keyword research, mobile optimization, technical SEO, on-page and content development, core web vitals, image optimization, social media marketing, web development

3. My Little Big Web: Best for Short-Term SEO Collaborations

My Little Big Web, a renowned Montreal SEO agency, prides itself on its Google Premier Partner certification and a hands-on, in-house approach to SEO services.

They boast an impressive track record of securing top rankings in competitive industries, illustrating their SEO skills.

Why My Little Big Web might catch your eye:

  • Google-certified expertise: Their status as a Google Premier Partner ensures they stay abreast of the latest SEO trends and updates, offering reliable results.
  • In-house services: Everything from content writing to link building is done internally, ensuring quality control and consistency. If you want to grow your company’s overall digital presence, My Little Big Web offers online advertising, social network management, and web design, too.
  • Flexible engagement: They offer the option of non-committal, short-term collaborations, which can appeal to businesses seeking flexibility.
  • Complex solutions simplified: They can streamline and effectively market complex services, like ultra-secure data transfer software. They also achieved a 43% increase in organic traffic and an impressive $8 million in additional sales revenue for a client in ultra-secure data transfer, demonstrating their capability to handle complex digital marketing challenges.

Our competitors look great and have solid case studies.

The thing we aren’t 100% on board with is presenting non-committal collaborations as a solid value proposition.

There are some cases requiring short-term work, sure.

A guest post, a link in the Search Engine Journal, a technical SEO fix, or an SEO audit are in that category.

But if you want steady, long-term SEO results, your horizon should be at least 3 months.

The truth is you need at least 1-3 months to see results from your custom SEO strategy, meaning increased visibility and search traffic, though substantial search ranking increases might take longer.

Search engine algorithms also value high-quality inbound links and expert-written content.

However, we will double down on your winning SEO tactics to maximize your budget and scale up your SEO campaign as fast as possible.

And we’ll also stay realistic in the process.

Services: Local SEO, multilingual SEO, keyword research, SEO audit, link building, SEO content writing, mobile SEO services

4. SEO Troop: 360-Degree Online Marketing Solutions

SEO Troop, based in Montreal and Toronto, has been a game-changer since 2018, blending senior development talent with seasoned digital marketing expertise.

This unique combination has allowed them to offer highly customized SEO and PPC services, catering to various businesses across Canada and the United States.

What makes SEO Troop stand out?

  • Development and marketing synergy: Their team’s website development and programming prowess adds a technical edge to their SEO and PPC campaigns. 
  • Impressive results: Their SEO team has demonstrated significant success, such as increasing leads by 90% for national car buyer Kenny U-Pull and achieving a 150% ROI for Canadian Powersports supplier Motovan.

While SEO Troop’s integration of development expertise into their SEO and PPC services is commendable, Blue Things’ approach is distinct.

We focus intensively on data-driven SEO solutions and adaptable strategies for B2B, which can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking for a more analytics-based and flexible approach.

So, while our competitors practice a mix of more generic digital marketing strategies, we leverage specific B2B SEO tactics.

This includes HARO and partnership link-building, SEO strategies, linkable content asset creations, and more.

Services: Email marketing, market research, lead generation, inbound marketing, local SEO, international SEO, link-building, mobile SEO, technical SEO, data analytics, content marketing, content strategy

5. Rablab: Great for Enterprise SEO and Google Ads

Rablab, established in 2016, is a versatile agency excelling in SEO and Google Ads.

Based in Montreal, their expert team adopts a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, taking businesses to the top of search engine results.

Their work includes developing engaging content strategies, managing complex website transfers, and executing sophisticated Google Ads campaigns.

Rablab’s SEO and Google Ads expertise include:

  • Content and backlinking: They shine in crafting compelling content and securing quality backlinks. This approach increases ranking in search engines, making you more visible to a wider target market.
  • Technical proficiency: Speed optimization and error fixing are key areas of their technical SEO expertise. 
  • Google Ads management: They can optimize product feeds and the Google Merchant Center by handling substantial ad spending and complex account structures.

Rablab’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and proactive strategy adaptation is commendable. They immerse themselves in client projects, treating each business as their own.

Rablab is an excellent choice for larger businesses seeking a holistic digital marketing approach, encompassing SEO and Google Ads expertise. 

However, for small to medium companies in the B2B and SaaS domains looking for highly specialized SEO strategies, Blue Things might be the better fit. Our focus on small business and enterprise SEO is deeper, allowing us to leverage our specific expertise to drive targeted results in these sectors.

Services: Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, Amazon ads, programmatic SEO

6. Whelk: Solid On-Page SEO

Whelk, a Montreal-based digital agency, positions itself as a navigator in the digital forest of today’s online world.

They specialize in on-page SEO, offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes SEO copywriting, Google My Business optimization, and website design, particularly with WordPress and the Avada theme.

Their approach is geared towards helping clients improve their organic search rankings through various SEO techniques and supporting services.

Whelk’s approach to SEO:

  • On-page SEO: They focus on optimizing the content of websites to align with Google’s algorithms, emphasizing technical and textual factors. While high-quality content creation that responds to your audience’s search queries is essential, you also want solid content optimization to help search engines index your website better and, thus, increase your rankings.
  • Local SEO understanding: Whelk stresses the importance of Google Maps SEO, providing insights and strategies to improve local search engine visibility.
  • Comprehensive digital services: They offer a range of services beyond SEO, including website design, hosting, and support, ensuring a holistic approach to digital presence.

However, Whelk is a more designed-oriented digital marketing agency.

Their SEO specialists are savvy in on-page optimization and local SEO, but Blue Things offers more in-depth SEO tactics.

Our expert teams work together to increase your search engine rankings and communicate your message directly to your target audience.

Services: On-page SEO, local SEO, SEO copywriting, digital services

7. ProStart SEO: e-Commerce SEO

ProStart SEO, based in Québec, is a specialized agency deeply invested in scientific SEO techniques.

Their approach is rooted in a thorough understanding of SEO’s foundations, honed through years of experience and learning. With a clear focus on improving website visibility and positioning on Google and Bing, ProStart SEO offers real-time analysis, bilingual site rewriting, local SEO enhancement, and SEA campaigns, among other services.

Strengths of ProStart SEO:

  • Scientific SEO approach: They employ a methodical, research-based approach to SEO. Also, ProStart promises not to offer their services to your competition.
  • Real-time analytics: They monitor your website’s technical health, positioning against competition, and external backlinks.
  • Comprehensive service range: From local SEO improvements to bilingual site rewriting and Google Ads campaigns, ProStart uses a slew of digital marketing tools to increase your conversion rates across multiple channels.
  • Competitive price packages: ProStart’s SEO packages start from $250/month, and you can terminate the contract any time you want to, with 30 days’ notice.

Even so, Blue Things has a unique competitive edge.

Our SEO specialists excel at building quality links to relevant content.

Link-building increases your online visibility, getting more link juice from reputable sources to your website.

The number and quality of unique domains pointing to your website is an important ranking factor for Google. And we can build that solid backlink profile to boost your search rankings.

Services: Competitive analysis, bilingual website rewrite, local SEO, Google Ads, Facebook campaigns

Wrapping Up: Which SEO Services in Montreal Will You Choose?

The seven search engine optimization companies above are all great.

Most of them target Montreal but are also highly qualified for the North American region.

And at Blue Things, we also have European clients.

That said, it’s important to pick an agency that fits your needs.

For example, your goal may be to enhance your overall digital presence.

Companies like Blue Hat Marketing or My Little Big Web also offer comprehensive web development, PPC, and digital services.

If you’re interested in e-commerce SEO, ProStart takes the cake with multiple clients across industries.

However, Blue Things is the best overall because we have developed honed SEO techniques and are results-oriented.

We’ll closely monitor your metrics and adapt our strategies along the way to ensure you get the best results.

So, set a free strategy call, and let’s kickstart your SEO campaign together.

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