Growing inBeat’s traffic from 500 visitors to 300,000+ visitors per month

Growing inBeat’s traffic from 500 visitors to 300,000+ visitors per month

Blue Things helped inBeat increase its organic footprint in the influencer marketing space by capturing more category awareness.

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Project Overview

Goal: Online visibility and niche expertise.

The primary objective of our collaboration was to bolster inBeat's online presence, capturing the attention of potential users at every stage of their journey.

The overarching strategy was designed to position as a leading TikTok and Instagram influencer database.

What we did in a nutshell: Content creation, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

The project involved meticulous keyword research and optimization, targeting specific keywords with mid to bottom-funnel intent to establish authority and relevance for

We also fortified inBeat's backlink profile through a combination of HARO link-building and relationship-based link acquisition strategies.

Secret weapon: Linkable assets that serve inBeat’s key customers.

Blue Things identified an opportunity to leverage the development of free tools to drive traffic and enhance user engagement on the inBeat platform.

Project Execution

Blue Things's comprehensive approach included various strategies to enhance inBeat's online presence. Our expert team optimized the website's performance but also managed content marketing efforts to engage and attract new users.

  1. Keyword optimization. Blue Things conducted research to identify the most relevant keywords related to influencer marketing. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the website's content to improve its visibility in search engine results.
  2. Link building. Blue Things implemented a link-building strategy aimed at increasing the number of high-quality backlinks to This involved reaching out to niche influencers, industry publications, and other authoritative websites to secure links back to, thus boosting its credibility and search engine rankings.
  3. Content marketing. In addition to optimizing existing content, Blue Things also developed new, valuable content to attract and engage the target audience. This included blog posts, articles, and other resources that provided insights into influencer marketing trends, tips, and best practices.
  4. Free tools development. Blue Things collaborated with to create free tools that addressed the needs of their target audience. These tools not only added value for users but also served as a means of driving traffic to the website and establishing inBeat as a trusted authority in the industry.
One of inBeat's free tools - fake follower checker

Project Results

The collaborative efforts between Blue Things and inBeat yielded impressive outcomes, resulting in a significant improvement in the company's online visibility and market positioning within the influencer marketing industry.

1. Traffic growth

Our comprehensive SEO and link-building approach led to a monumental increase in traffic, from 500 to over 300,000 monthly visitors, and a surge in organic traffic by 60,000%.

It took us 5 years to go from this:

To this (stats in February 2024):

2. Content marketing impact

In May 2023, inBeat delegated its content marketing strategy to Blue Things.

We reworked the content strategy and implemented a brand new approach that resulted in a 6x increase in blog traffic within 8 months.

Valuable blog posts, articles, and resources created by Blue Things not only provided insights into influencer marketing but also positioned inBeat as a trusted authority in the industry.

3. Link-building success

Blue Things' diligent link-building efforts resulted in acquiring over 1,000 high-quality backlinks for

These backlinks, combined with strategic SEO initiatives, contributed to bolstering the website's authority and credibility within the influencer marketing ecosystem.

4. Pipeline value growth

As a direct result of heightened online visibility and increased website traffic, experienced substantial growth in pipeline value. The company's pipeline value exceeded $70.45 million, highlighting the tangible business impact our SEO and content marketing campaign had.