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Jun 5, 2024

9 Top SaaS SEO Agencies in 2024 and Beyond

9 Top SaaS SEO Agencies in 2024 and Beyond

A good SaaS SEO agency is like a 5-star restaurant chef.

Like a chef, a good agency chooses time-tested ingredients and experiments with new ones to create the best SEO strategies.

You get the metaphor.

The problem is that both chefs and SEO agencies are not created equal. That’s why you need the right SaaS SEO firm for your needs.

We’ll help you pick it in the guide below.


  • Blue Things: Known for data-driven link-building.
  • Skale: Specializes in generic SEO.
  • Codeless: Expert in SEO content production.
  • Growfusely: Focused on content marketing and distribution.
  • Simple Tiger: Offers all-in-one SaaS SEO solutions.
  • Smash Digital: Known for link-building expertise.
  • RevenueZen: Specializes in LinkedIn marketing for B2B.
  • TitanGrowth: Offers full-scale digital marketing services.
  • Brainy Bees: Known for digital content production.
  • Top Pick: Blue Things stands out for its data-driven approach, sustainable SEO, and transparent pricing, making it an affordable yet high-quality choice.

Why Hire a SaaS SEO Agency?

Hiring a SaaS SEO agency can make or break your SEO efforts because SaaS SEO is different.

And your in-house SEO team may not know all the intricacies.

Main problem: The sales funnel is longer with most SaaS products, and you’re addressing a more specialized audience.

Solutions: Building your expertise in the long-term through quality content and links from valuable websites.

That means you need:

  • More in-depth keyword research for your audience and potential link partners
  • Thorough competitor gap analysis to identify your rivals’ SEO strategies, “stealing” the ones that work and finding opportunities they missed
  • SEO-led content that’s both adapted to your marketing funnel and specifically tailored to attract potential content creators in your niche
  • Data-driven link-building to enhance your reputation and visibility in search engines

All this requires in-depth knowledge your team might lack.

Other reasons why you should hire a SaaS SEO agency are that:

  • It can save your internal team time and resources so that you can focus on different growth strategies.
  • It uses a data-driven approach and specialized SaaS SEO tools to accelerate organic traffic and boost organic search rankings.
  • It helps you stay ahead of the curve through constant monitoring of your performance and data-led strategy adjustments.
  • It brings a fresh perspective that your own company might have missed.

List of Top Agencies for SaaS SEO

Now you know why you should choose a SaaS SEO agency. This section will help you pick the right one according to your needs.

1. Blue Things: Best for Data-Driven Link-Building

  • Services: Link-building, technical SEO audits, technical SEO, content writing, SEO management
  • Clients: inBeat, Tiddle, ThreatX, Arielle, Content Allies, Hurom, iWave

Blue Things’ unique selling point is that it helped its sister agency, inBeat get from 500 to 70,000+ organic visitors per month.

Yes, Blue Things’ CEO trusted the agency with his other company – that’s how much faith he has in his SEO team.

Here’s how:

Blue Things is a data-first agency that starts from very thorough research. They also constantly optimize their campaigns until you reach the desired results.

Their main strategy is creating legit links that propel you to the top results in search engines because:

  • Your link package will be tailored to your current situation after thoroughly analyzing your previous efforts, target audience, and competitors.
  • These do-follow links will be posted on websites with average DRs of 60+.

Even better, you only pay for the links you get.

Side note: Everything this SaaS SEO agency does aims to increase your reputation through long-term sustainable SEO.

  • SEO-led content for link partners: Blue Things helps you create high-quality, relevant content that does more than educate your audience. This content is also interesting to your potential link partners, so it’s more likely to be organically published. We’re talking about guides, infographics, white papers, and much more.
  • Thorough link-building: You can expect an effective mix of strategies, from HARO to broken link-building, personalized outreach, and quality guest posting on websites with high domain authority.
  • SEO management: Blue Things develops your entire SEO strategy or works with your in-house team. They value sustainable SEO and only employ white-hat SEO tactics.

Pro tip: You can also pick Blue Things for its excellent white-label SEO services.

2. Skale: Best for Generic SEO

skale saas seo agency
  • Services: SEO content, SEO management, link-building
  • Clients: Piktochart, Nathan Latka, Slite, Test Gorilla, HubSpot, FloDesk, Bonsai, and more

Skale opens its homepage with a promise to build SEO revenue engines for SaaS brands.

This SaaS SEO agency aims to do this through three pillars:

  • SEO content: Skale boasts about its SEO content strategy being tailored both for search engines and your potential customers. This relevant, informative content is tailored to your buyers’ journey, establishing your brand as an authoritative source of information.
  • SEO management: Skale works with your marketing team to create a B2B SaaS SEO strategy. This three-month plan encompasses extensive keyword research using the RICE scoring model, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Link-building: The agency’s unique selling point is real human outreach to get niche-specific, high-quality links. Even better, Skale starts with in-depth analysis, establishing your KPIs first and building links based on those KPIs second.

This mix is supposed to bring you:

  • Top ranking in SERPs
  • Pipeline growth
  • MRR increase

As you can see, Skale offers similar SEO packages to Blue Things. The main differences are that:

  • Blue Things has more in-depth link-building services, including HARO, guest posting, and other in-house tactics.
  • Blue Things offers longer-term SEO: Blue Things doesn’t limit itself to a three-month SEO management plan. Their strategy can vary between a few days or several months, depending on your specific goals and needs.

3. Codeless: Best for Expert SEO Content Production

codeless saas seo agency
  • Services: Content planning, content production, editing
  • Clients: Miro, Early Bird, JobCase, Kinsta, FreshWorks, AdEspresso, NicheHacks

Codeless is a great choice if you’re interested in having your content created by a team of SEO experts.

This SaaS SEO agency works with full-time and contract writers specializing in different fields, from e-commerce to finance and even beauty.

That’s their unique selling point:

You can rest assured a specialist will create your content, from blog posts to lead pages and guest posts, following your target keywords to attract qualified traffic.

Besides, Codeless SaaS SEO services include strategy consulting, topic ideation, in-depth SaaS keyword research, plus external and internal links.

To optimize your content, the agency:

  • Takes your content through Frases.
  • Offers different headline alternatives.
  • Does copy editing.
  • Inserts expert quotes.
  • Adds original visuals.

Codeless will get you monthly content, reporting, analysis, and CMS upload.

On the downside, all this means you need an in-house SEO team to deal with all the other aspects of SEO management and link-building.

4. Growfusely: Best for Content Marketing and Distribution

growfusely saas seo agency
  • Services: SEO, content marketing, link-building, digital PR, content writing, creative services
  • Clients: Shopify, UNBXD, CallTracker, Push Monkey, Quire, Synup, and more

Growfusely is a SaaS SEO agency specializing in content marketing. It promises to push the acceleration pedal on your organic growth because the content you get is simultaneously:

  • Customer-centric
  • SEO-focused

To achieve this content, Growfusely does:

  • A thorough SEO audit including your competitors, website visitors’ UX, keywords, and backlink profile
  • Technical optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Link-building
  • Content creation based on Google’s E-A-T recommendations (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)*.

*Side note: Google has recently added an extra “E,” which stands for “Experience.”

That said, Growfusely excels at full-funnel content creation aligned with your brand voice and audience insights. This content is based on actual data, and the agency will also help you distribute it through link-building and digital PR.

Pro tip: Like Blue Things, Growfusely offers white-label SEO services for other agencies.

5. Simple Tiger: High-Value All-in-One SaaS Agency

simple tiger saas seo agency
  • Services: Keyword research, technical SEO audits for SaaS, content marketing, link-building, paid search, paid social
  • Clients: Segment, VNTANA, Bidsketch, JotForm, Base Operations, Bitly, and more

Simple Tiger is one of those SaaS SEO agencies that does it all.

This performance marketing agency lives up to its name; just like a tiger, they’ll use all their well-honed weapons to help you reach your fullest potential.

Its teams can handle both your organic SEO and PPC – including paid social. They address different SaaS companies – B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

And you can contract Simple Tiger whether you’re a startup or a larger enterprise.

Even better, Simple Tiger is fast.

Their SEO specialists do all this with a mix of proprietary AI technology, in-depth research, and a playbook of tactics that work:

  • Simple Tiger starts with thorough research, based on which they build a customized SEO strategy.
  • The agency can help your team implement this strategy or do it themselves.
  • You’ll get thorough monitoring and monthly reports to improve your efforts.

On the downside, Simple Tiger is not a cheap agency – in fact, it’s one of the most expensive in this review.

6. Smash Digital

smash digital saas seo agency
  • Services: Complete SEO packages with a specialty in link-building
  • Clients: Dynamite Jobs, Tinyseed, Dentaly, and more

Smash Digital shares a common thread with Blue Things.

This SaaS SEO company has also done SEO for 17+ of their employees’ companies. And its team of experts applies the same SEO principles for all the brands they work with.

Including yours.

Smash Digital has gained a massive reputation since 2010 when it first appeared in the market.

As a result, 90% of their clients come from recommendations.

Smash Digital specializes in link-building, but it can also help you with tailored SEO campaigns, which include:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • SaaS content creation
  • Content optimization

Pro tip: This agency is among the best if you want a hands-off approach.

7. RevenueZen: Best for LinkedIn Marketing

revenuezen saas seo agency
  • Services: B2B SEO, B2B LinkedIn marketing, B2B content marketing, verbal identity branding, social selling workshops
  • Clients: 98point6, Zix, Wonderschool, ProdPerfect, Troops, SheerID, Zapproved, Syncari, Bloomfire, and more

RevenueZen is focused on driving revenue for B2B companies, primarily through LinkedIn marketing.

So, if you’re thinking of integrating LinkedIn content marketing into your SaaS SEO strategy, RevenueZen is your best bet.

Its sustainable B2B SEO strategies promote organic traffic, accelerate conversion rates, and build qualified leads.

The agency has a 5-step approach to guarantee these results:

  • Analyze.
  • Grow.
  • Expand.
  • Validate.
  • Refine.

Here’s what it can do for your company:

  • B2B SEO: Their B2B SEO strategies focus on educating your B2B buyers through sustainable content.
  • B2B content marketing: RevenueZen helps you use LinkedIn as a social selling weapon to generate more leads and revenue.
  • B2B verbal identity branding: RevenueZen creates a brand-specific standardized language that gives your brand both a personality and a competitive edge.
  • Social selling workshops: RevenueZen offers expert-created events that teach you how to master LinkedIn. Your in-house marketing teams will learn how to engage potential customers and close new deals by using all the best tools that LinkedIn has to offer.

8. TitanGrowth: Best for Full-Scale Digital Marketing

titangrowth saas seo agency
  • Services: SEO, paid media management, Amazon marketing, social media marketing, video production, link acquisition, web design and development, content marketing, digital marketing recruiting, email prospecting
  • Clients: Arcadia Data, Blackbaud, Eagle Eye, Mikimoto, and more

TitanGrowth is best if you’re interested in a full-scale digital marketing agency, not just SEO.

The agency’s results-driven approach combines thorough research with a triple-certified team and their patented TitanBOT® technology.

This mix is supposed to hone and personalize their digital marketing strategies, optimizing long-term growth.

You can definitely pick from a wide range of tactics:

  • Search engine optimization: Keyword research, deep competitor analysis, and content marketing are the main SEO tactics TitanGrowth uses.
  • Paid media management: Their optimized ads boost your SEO efforts because you can rank for specific keywords on different marketing channels.
  • Social media management: Enhancing your reputation and visibility on social media contributes to an effective SEO strategy.
  • Video production: You can educate your SaaS audience with compelling videos. This tactic increases visitors’ dwell time, signaling to Google that your website is relevant.
  • Link acquisition: Getting more link juice flowing to your website increases your overall ranking according to Google’s algorithms.
  • Web design and development: A faulty website with technical issues and low UX won’t rank well. TitanGrowth helps you solve that issue because its experts will build an intuitive, fast website that looks good.
  • Email marketing: Once you get more qualified leads and loyal customers, thanks to your sustainable SEO practices, TitanGrowth will help you engage them through excellent marketing emails.

And that’s not all:

TitanGrowth will also help you recruit the best people for your digital marketing team.

On the downside, TitanGrowth doesn’t specialize in SaaS SEO. It helped numerous industry leaders in retailing, e-commerce, and multimedia achieve their business goals, but it may lack specific insights into the SaaS SEO industry.

9. Brainy Bees: Best for Digital Content

brainy bees saas seo agency
  • Services: Content marketing, social media, PR, and link building for SaaS, tech, and B2B companies
  • Clients: Kontentino, Bouncer,, and more

Brainy Bees is a great choice if you’re looking for high-quality content at an affordable price.

This agency understands that SaaS brands require a mix of informative and engaging content. That’s why it creates:

  • Specialized expert content: Whitepapers, in-depth guides, and case studies help prove your expertise and gain the attention of other creators in your niche.
  • Community marketing: Building Facebook groups, Quora spaces, and other online communities puts your SaaS brand in the limelight. This tactic enhances your online presence and keeps you on top of your customers’ minds.
  • Social media content: Interactive content that follows social media trends connects you with your audience. You have the chance to attract a broader market as well as maintain close relationships with your existing customers.
  • PR link-building: Gaining valuable publications is an excellent SEO tactic for building your reputation and online visibility.
  • Link-building: Brainy Bees can get links from authoritative sources to boost your SEO and brand recognition.

Which SaaS SEO Agency Will You Choose?

This guide took a deep dive through nine of the best SaaS SEO agencies in the market.

However, all these agencies are different in terms of SEO tactics, services, and tools. They all have different approaches to SEO, so they’re all best for different purposes.

And they all charge different rates.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality, done-for-you solution, Blue Things takes the cake.

This agency delivered excellent results for all its clients, including its sister agency inBeat. Its sustainable SEO, data-driven link-building, and strategy-led content writing will propel you to the top of the SERPs.

Besides, its transparent pricing policy and 24/7 customer support are additional reasons to choose Blue Things.

In fact, you can schedule a free strategy call right now, and they’ll propose personalized solutions that actually work.

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