How we helped iWave 3x their organic traffic in 6 months

How we helped iWave 3x their organic traffic in 6 months

Blue Thing boosted iWave's organic traffic and secured top Google rankings for strategic blog articles by addressing unique SEO challenges in the nonprofit sector.

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Project Overview

The SEO and link-building project for iWave, fundraising intelligence software, faced unique challenges targeting the nonprofit sector. 

This niche’s specific and varied needs require precise solutions.

In fact, Nonprofits seek efficient, cost-effective tools to enhance their fundraising efforts. That’s why iWave had to stand out through its offerings.

Their goals included: 

  • More organic search traffic 
  • More visibility
  • Becoming a leader in providing actionable insights and resources for nonprofits

Our expert team successfully addressed their challenges and focused on strategic content and robust link-building.

Results: Our agency significantly increased iWave's market presence, connecting them with more nonprofits seeking innovative fundraising solutions.

Project Execution

1. SEO audit and strategy development

We began with a thorough audit of iWave's current SEO performance. We identified technical SEO issues, analyzed keywords, and set clear, measurable goals.

2. Link-building campaign

We developed a robust link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sites in the nonprofit and technology sectors. This included editorial links, partnerships, and directory listings.

3. Performance tracking and optimization

We used SEO tools and analytics to monitor website performance, track rankings for targeted keywords, and refine strategies as needed for continuous improvement.

Project Results

Our project started in June 2023, and finished in January 2024.

The expected outcomes of this project included:

  • A significant increase in organic traffic, with the aim to double the current levels. We successfully grew iWave's organic traffic from 6K to 18K.
  • Enhanced search engine rankings for strategic blog articles, achieving top positions in Google search results.
  • Improved online visibility and brand recognition within the nonprofit sector.
  • Measurable progress towards predefined SEO goals, with regular reporting and adjustments to strategies based on analytics and performance data.

This comprehensive approach ensured iWave's offerings became more visible to their target audience, supporting their mission to help nonprofits succeed in their fundraising efforts.