How Blue Things achieved a 300% increase in qualified B2B leads for Arielle

How Blue Things achieved a 300% increase in qualified B2B leads for Arielle

Blue Things increased Arielle's organic traffic value from $17,000 to $73,000 per month through premium link placements.

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Project Overview

Our project with Arielle aimed to grow their web traffic and improve keyword rankings.

Facing the B2B executive branding market, we focused on increasing visibility and establishing Arielle as a top choice for executive resume writing services.

Our team considered the unique SEO challenges they faced. Companies like Arielle operate in a niche that requires a sophisticated understanding of their audience's needs and search behaviors. The challenges included:

  1. High competition. The executive branding space is highly competitive, with numerous firms vying for visibility among C-level executives and senior professionals. Standing out requires not just general SEO practices but a deep understanding of the industry and targeted keyword strategies.
  2. Niche keywords. Identifying and ranking for niche, high-value keywords that resonate with senior professionals and decision-makers is crucial. This involves thorough research and a strategic approach to content creation that speaks directly to the unique needs and challenges of this audience.
  3. Quality backlinks. Building a portfolio of high-quality, relevant backlinks from industry-specific and authoritative sites in the executive and professional development spaces is essential for boosting domain authority and search rankings.

Project Execution

The project execution involved in-depth keyword research to target "executive resume writing services" and related terms, crafting and distributing valuable content to secure authoritative backlinks, and ongoing analysis to refine our approach in real-time.

  1. SEO audit and strategic planning: Initiated with a detailed SEO audit, we pinpointed areas for improvement, established a baseline for current performance, and crafted a bespoke strategy tailored to Arielle's unique market position and goals.
  2. Premium link-building campaign: Our team meticulously curated a link-building strategy, securing over 400 high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources, thereby enhancing Arielle's domain authority and search visibility.
  3. Continuous monitoring and optimization: Using advanced SEO tools and analytics, we continuously monitored performance metrics, adjusting strategies in real-time to ensure sustained business growth.

Project Results

Over the course of our two-year collaboration, Arielle's organic traffic witnessed an unprecedented surge, growing from 9k to 70k monthly visitors.

This remarkable growth not only solidified Arielle's online presence but also positioned them at the forefront of the executive branding industry.

Achieving top rankings for key keywords, including "executive resume writing services," our strategic SEO efforts have undeniably propelled Arielle towards realizing their vision of leadership and dominance in their sector.

Our partnership has set a new benchmark for success, demonstrating the power of tailored SEO strategies in overcoming industry-specific challenges and achieving measurable, impactful results.