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Jul 21, 2024

Top 30 Amazon SEO Agencies and Services As Of 2024

Top 30 Amazon SEO Agencies and Services As Of 2024

Struggling to get your products noticed on Amazon? 

You're not alone.

Many sellers face the challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

If you're looking to boost your visibility and sales, you've come to the right place.

This article will guide you through:

  • A curated list of the top 30 Amazon SEO agencies.
  • The diverse industries these agencies specialize in.
  • Key services offered that can transform your Amazon strategy.
  • Notable clients that have achieved success with these agencies.

Continue reading to discover how these top agencies can elevate your Amazon sales!

TL;DR: Top Amazon SEO Agencies and Services

  1. Blue Things: Blue Things stands out as the best overall Amazon SEO agency that leverages specialized teams with advanced tools and extensive research to drive organic traffic. Their strategic focus on key SEO areas ensures comprehensive, data-driven solutions that elevate your Amazon presence effectively.
  2. Amazon SEO Consultant: Specializes in Amazon SEO with a proprietary "RANK methodology" to boost product rankings. Offers keyword research, listing optimization, and brand management.
  3. OuterBox: Combines SEO and PPC to enhance visibility on Amazon, emphasizing product description improvements and strategic keyword use. Provides detailed analytics and account audits.
  4. SupplyKick: Offers a full-service approach with advanced technology for optimizing Amazon listings, focusing on inventory and brand management to streamline seller operations.
  5. eStore Factory: Provides comprehensive Amazon SEO and PPC services, focusing on white-hat techniques and seller support to improve product visibility and sales performance. Offers advanced account management.

Benefits of Hiring an Amazon SEO Agency

  • Access specialized expertise: You tap into a deeply knowledgeable team about Amazon's ever-evolving algorithms and marketplace dynamics.
  • Save time: Let experts handle SEO so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Scale quickly: An agency can adjust strategies and scale efforts as your business grows or market conditions change.
  • Stay competitive: Benefit from advanced tools and industry insights that only specialists might possess.
  • Get measurable results: An agency tracks and analyzes data to continually refine strategies, ensuring your investment translates into tangible outcomes.
  • Cost efficiency: Outsourcing to an agency can often be more cost-effective than building and maintaining an in-house team.

A Deep Dive into Each Top Amazon SEO Agencies and Services

1. Blue Things


Blue Things optimizes your presence on Amazon with a specialized team approach, targeting multiple crucial SEO aspects to drive organic traffic.

Their unique selling point lies in combining a wide range of cutting-edge tools and deep research capabilities. That's how they ensure innovative and data-driven search engine optimization strategies.

With Blue Things, you gain a formidable advantage in keyword optimization because they use high-quality tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. These help the Blue Things experts pinpoint exactly what your target customers are searching for. This precision boosts your visibility and, more importantly, increases your sales potential.

You'll also experience an enhanced local search presence, which is crucial for attracting and converting nearby customers into loyal patrons.

Another advantage is their expert content strategy, which enriches your site's appeal. Basically, it engages visitors with compelling content that increases dwell time and conversion rates.

Moreover, their strategic link-building and on-page optimizations strengthen your site’s credibility. That's how you elevate your rankings and attract more qualified leads.

Of course, Blue Things continuously monitors and refines your SEO tactics. They always ensure your marketing efforts evolve with your growing business needs and secure sustained success in your sector.

Industries: Finance, Fintech, Banking, B2B Manufacturing, B2B Software Companies, Industrial Automation, B2B Telecommunication, Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance, Mobile Apps, Retail, CPG

Notable clients: inBeat, Arielle, Hurom, iWave, DeuxParDeux, ThreatX, Tiddle

Key services:

  • Amazon SEO
  • Financial SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • International and local SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Website migration
  • Speed optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Penalty recovery
  • SEO content
  • Social media content
  • Website content
  • B2B link-building
  • SaaS link-building
  • HARO link-building

Reason to work with Blue Things: Blue Things employs a specialized team approach that combines expertise in various critical SEO areas, enhancing your Amazon strategy with state-of-the-art tools and comprehensive research capabilities. This approach ensures a robust foundation for your SEO efforts, driving significant organic traffic growth through precision and innovation.

2. Amazon SEO Consultant

Amazon SEO Consultant specializes in elevating product visibility and sales on Amazon through detailed SEO strategies.

What sets them apart is their proprietary "Amazon RANK methodology," a unique approach developed from extensive testing to optimize product rankings efficiently.

You can benefit from their in-depth keyword research and analysis, ensuring your products are positioned to capture high traffic and potential sales.

Their focus on optimizing product listings enhances visibility and improves conversion rates, directly impacting revenue.

With their comprehensive brand management services, you can streamline operations, freeing up time to focus on strategic growth.

Lastly, their expert consultancy in product launches and business exits provides you with critical insights for expanding or divesting your Amazon portfolio effectively. 

Industries: eCommerce, Consumer Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Apparel

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Brand Management
  • Consulting on Product Launches and Business Exits

Reason to work with Amazon SEO Consultant: Working with Amazon SEO Consultant means partnering with seasoned experts who offer tailored strategies that align with Amazon’s evolving algorithms, ensuring sustained growth and profitability for your business.

3. OuterBox

OuterBox leverages over 15 years of digital marketing expertise to boost your Amazon store’s visibility and sales.

Their unique selling point lies in their combined approach of SEO and PPC under one roof, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for Amazon.

You will benefit from enhanced product descriptions and relevant keyword integration, which are designed to improve your search rankings and conversion rates on Amazon.

Their services also aim to increase traffic both from Amazon searches and from Google to your Amazon listings.

With OuterBox, you get access to detailed Amazon account audits and optimization strategies that tailor to your specific needs.

Lastly, their extensive experience in eCommerce optimization means your Amazon content will be finely tuned to engage and convert your target audience.

Industries: eCommerce, Technology, Apparel, Home Goods, Retail

Notable clients: ABB, Atlas Oil, Epicor, JEGS, Lethal Performance

Key services:

  • SEO and PPC Integration
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Account Audits
  • Traffic Generation Strategies

Reason to work with OuterBox: Choosing OuterBox means getting a full-service approach to Amazon SEO, where detailed analytics and a strategic blend of SEO and PPC enhance your online presence and sales capabilities.    

4. SupplyKick

SupplyKick is a comprehensive partner for Amazon sellers, focusing on marketplace growth and streamlining operations for their clients.

They distinguish themselves through a full-service offering that combines advanced technology with an expert strategy to optimize Amazon listings and sales.

You'll benefit from their tailored approach to SEO, which will enhance your product visibility and ensure it ranks well against competitors.

Their strategic advertising solutions will increase your product sales and customer engagement on Amazon.

SupplyKick helps you optimize your inventory management, which is crucial for maintaining product availability and maximizing sales potential.

Finally, their comprehensive brand management will improve your brand's reputation and ensure compliance with Amazon's ever-changing policies.

Industries: eCommerce, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Apparel, Home & Kitchen

Notable clients: Johson Hardware, Dometic, Oneida Air Systems

Key services:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Strategic Advertising
  • Inventory Management
  • Brand Management

Reason to work with SupplyKick: SupplyKick is ideal for Amazon sellers looking for a robust partnership that offers both technological and strategic marketing solutions to enhance visibility, sales, and overall brand management on Amazon.    

5. eStore Factory

eStore Factory offers a range of SEO and PPC services tailored to Amazon sellers, emphasizing white-hat marketing techniques to enhance product rankings and sales.

They stand out with a full spectrum of Amazon-focused services, including expert consultancy and specialized SEO tactics that comply with Amazon’s guidelines, ensuring safe and effective marketing strategies.

Benefit from their SEO expertise to improve product visibility and attract customers with effectively optimized listings.

Experience enhanced sales through their strategic PPC campaigns designed to maximize your advertising ROI on Amazon.

Their comprehensive support extends to inventory management and seller support, helping you streamline operations and maintain optimal seller health.

With eStore Factory, you also get advanced account management services, ensuring your Amazon presence is efficient and compliant with marketplace standards.

Industries: eCommerce, Consumer Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home and Kitchen

Notable clients: RS Industries, Vitasei, Green Max Products 

Key services:

  • SEO Optimization for Amazon
  • PPC Management
  • Inventory and Account Management
  • Customer Support

Reason to work with eStore Factory: Engaging with eStore Factory allows you to leverage their extensive experience and dedicated approach, ensuring your products achieve top visibility and sales performance on Amazon.    

6. Amazon Listing Service

Amazon Listing Service specializes in content and keyword optimization tailored for Amazon, boosting product rankings and visibility.

Their distinct advantage lies in their meticulous focus on metadata and keyword strategy, tailored to align with Amazon's A9 algorithm for optimal search relevance.

You'll benefit from their expertise in content optimization, which increases visibility and enhances the appeal of your listings to potential buyers.

Their detailed metadata services ensure that every aspect of your product information is optimized, enhancing searchability and buyer engagement.

Additionally, their strategic keyword placement can significantly improve your product's search rankings, drawing more potential customers to your listings.

Their review management service is designed to build a positive reputation, which is crucial for establishing trust and driving sales on Amazon.

Industries: eCommerce, Apparel, Electronics, Home and Kitchen, Pet, Art

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Metadata Services
  • Review Management

Reason to work with Amazon Listing Service: Choosing Amazon Listing Service provides you with a comprehensive strategy that enhances product discoverability and buyer engagement, which is crucial for achieving success on Amazon.

7. Icecube Digital

IceCube Digital offers comprehensive SEO services for Amazon to boost product rankings and visibility.

They specialize in content optimization, strategic keyword implementation, and detailed product descriptions, ensuring your listings are fully optimized.

Their unique advantage is their extensive experience in the SEO industry, which allows them to provide sophisticated, customized strategies for each client.

You benefit from their expert keyword research that targets optimal search terms to enhance your product's discoverability on Amazon.

Their robust competitor analysis helps you understand your market position and strategize accordingly to gain a competitive edge.

IceCube Digital also provides ongoing support and monthly reporting, keeping you informed and agile in your marketing efforts.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Automotive, Toys

Notable clients: Respirator Shop, LC Supplies, Compassionate

Key services:

  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Monthly Performance Reporting

Reason to work with IceCube Digital: IceCube Digital's holistic approach and detailed reporting make them a solid choice for any Amazon seller looking to improve their SEO performance and overall marketplace success.    

8. Vocational Media

Vocational Media Group offers dedicated Amazon SEO services to enhance product visibility and rankings on Amazon.

Their holistic approach sets them apart, integrating every aspect of Amazon channel management to improve organic search performance.

You can benefit from their extensive keyword research, ensuring your products are precisely targeted to reach potential buyers.

Their product listing optimization fine-tunes your product pages to increase visibility and attract more clicks.

With their pricing and sales promotion strategies, you can compete effectively, improving sales volume and market position.

Their expertise in conversion optimization means you can expect better conversion rates, turning more visitors into buyers.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Consumer Goods

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Development & Positioning
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Pricing & Sales Promotions
  • Paid Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization

Reason to work with Vocational Media Group: They offer a comprehensive suite of services that not only boost your Amazon rankings but also integrate PPC campaign management, providing a full-circle strategy for success on Amazon.     

9. OMG Commerce

OMG Commerce optimizes Amazon listings to enhance eCommerce business visibility and sales.

Their standout feature is a comprehensive approach to Amazon SEO, combining detailed page optimization with strategic keyword placement.

You'll benefit from their keyword research, which maximizes the use of optimized titles and bullet points to draw in the right audience.

Their A+ content development enriches your product pages with engaging, brand-centric narratives, increasing customer interaction and satisfaction.

OMG Commerce ensures that your listings are seen and compelling enough to drive conversions using their extensive SEO experience.

They offer a collaborative process involving you in decisions about content and layout, ensuring your brand vision perfectly aligns with market expectations.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Technology, Consumer Goods

Notable clients: Groove Life, Monin, Native, Boom Beauty, Buffy

Key services:

  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • A+ Content Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Education
  • Custom Reporting

Reason to work with OMG Commerce: They provide a unique blend of SEO expertise and personalized service, ensuring that your Amazon listings are optimized for maximum impact and sales performance.     

10. Amazing Marketing Co.

Amazing Marketing Co. specializes in comprehensive Amazon SEO services to elevate brands and maximize sales on the Amazon platform.

Their unique selling point is their end-to-end service offering that covers everything from account setup to aggressive competitor analysis and optimization.

You will benefit from their expert product listing optimizations that ensure your products are visible and appealing to Amazon shoppers.

Their strategic keyword research will tailor your content to meet the specific search behaviors of your target customers, enhancing your product's findability.

Take advantage of their detailed competitor analysis to position your brand advantageously against others in your niche and capture more market share.

With their ongoing account management and optimization, you'll keep your listings fine-tuned and responsive to changing Amazon algorithms, ensuring sustained sales growth.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Consumer Goods, Health & Wellness

Notable clients: Innovet, Natural Delights, HybridRemedies, Joy Organics

Key services:

  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Amazon Account Audit
  • A+ Content Development

Reason to work with Amazing Marketing Co.:  They provide a robust suite of services that ensure immediate boosts in visibility and sales and long-term, sustained growth on Amazon through detailed analytics and tailored strategies.      

11. Scoop Global

Scoop Global specializes in enhancing your Amazon presence through tailored optimization strategies that boost product visibility and sales.

Their standout feature is their data-driven approach to Amazon SEO, which is continuously evolving to keep your listings competitive.

You benefit from increased organic traffic through meticulously researched and optimized product titles that engage potential customers and enhance click-through rates.

Their strategic keyword integration enhances product discoverability, giving you an edge in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

You'll also experience improved conversion rates with compelling product descriptions highlighting key features and benefits tailored to your target audience.

Lastly, Scoop Global offers ongoing optimization, ensuring your Amazon listings align with the latest SEO trends and market demands.

Industries: eCommerce, Consumer Electronics, Home and Kitchen, Fashion and Apparel, Health and Wellness, Beauty, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Pets and Animals

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Amazon Account Management
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Brand Store Management
  • Amazon Advertising Services
  • Amazon Enhanced Brand A+ Content

Reason to work with Scoop Global: Choose Scoop Global if you're looking for a dynamic Amazon SEO partner who adapts strategies to maximize your visibility and sales, backed by data-driven insights and continuous optimization.    

12. Media Search Group

Media Search Group offers expert Amazon SEO services designed to enhance product visibility and sales on Amazon.

Their unique value lies in their comprehensive approach, covering all aspects of Amazon SEO to ensure products are highly visible and attractive to buyers.

You'll benefit from their detailed keyword research and optimization, which targets the most effective keywords to boost your product's search visibility.

Their focus on enhancing product listings ensures that your items are presented in the most compelling way, increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

Moreover, you'll gain an advantage from their A+ content creation, which enriches your product pages with detailed descriptions and high-quality images, improving buyer engagement and trust.

Finally, their robust competitor analysis provides you with strategic insights that help you stay ahead in the market.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Travel & Hospitality

Notable clients: IntervalZero, Lace Frenzy Wigs & Extensions, FlyingColour Group

Key services:

  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Product Listing Enhancement
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Reason to work with Media Search Group: Choose Media Search Group for a holistic and detailed approach to Amazon SEO, ensuring your products stand out and convert, thanks to their expert optimization and content creation strategies.  

13.  maximizes Amazon sales by combining SEO strategies with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to boost product rankings and visibility.

What sets them apart is their relentless focus on continuous listing optimization and competitive analysis, ensuring your products stand out in a crowded market.

You'll benefit from their thorough on-page analysis and content audits, which ensure your listings are optimized for high search visibility and engagement.

Their deep dive into competitive research allows you to outmaneuver competitors, capitalizing on gaps they've missed strategically.

Additionally, they craft detailed, persuasive product descriptions that attract and convert browsers into buyers.

With, your Amazon strategy is constantly refined, adapting to market changes and algorithm updates to maintain a competitive edge.

Industries: eCommerce, Technology, Consumer Goods

Notable clients: Nightcap, Hostgator, 

Key services:

  • Amazon SEO Strategy
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ongoing Optimization and Auditing

Reason to work with Opt for if you need a dynamic approach to Amazon sales that combines detailed SEO work with aggressive PPC campaigns, ensuring your listings gain and maintain top visibility.    

14. WebFX

WebFX is a renowned SEO agency for Amazon, leveraging over 28 years of experience to drive substantial revenue and client results.

They differentiate themselves with their data-driven approach utilizing advanced AI and proprietary software to craft bespoke Amazon SEO strategies.

Thanks to their deep keyword research and optimization tailored to your specific market and audience needs, you can enhance your product rankings and visibility.

Their comprehensive competitor analysis will enable you to understand market gaps and outperform your competitors effectively.

Experience increased conversion rates through optimized product descriptions and A+ content designed to captivate and convert your target audience.

WebFX also offers continuous strategy adjustments and optimizations, ensuring your products stay competitive in Amazon's dynamic market.

Industries: eCommerce, Technology, Retail, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Beverage, CPG

Notable clients: Hydroworx, Net Friends, KOA

Key services:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Description Optimization
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Ongoing SEO Adjustments

Reason to work with WebFX: Opting for WebFX means partnering with a seasoned agency that provides cutting-edge, data-driven SEO strategies tailored to increase your sales and enhance your online presence on Amazon.   

15. upGrowth

upGrowth optimizes Amazon product listings through detailed analysis and adaptive strategies, focusing on increasing visibility and sales.

They distinguish themselves by committing to customized and comprehensive Amazon SEO strategies, which ensure alignment with broader marketing goals.

You can benefit from their detailed audits and analysis, providing insights that help refine your product's visibility and appeal.

Their tailored content strategies will allow you to connect effectively with diverse global audiences, enhancing your product's reach and relevance.

Additionally, you gain from their ongoing optimization services, which keep your listings updated with the latest Amazon SEO trends and changes.

upGrowth ensures your Amazon strategy is data-driven, maximizing the effectiveness of your listings through continuous adaptation to market and algorithm changes.

Industries: eCommerce, Healthcare, Technology

Notable clients: Scripbox, /delicut/, Fi, Lendingka

Key services:

  • Detailed Product Analysis
  • Customized Amazon SEO Strategies
  • Global Market Targeting
  • Continuous Optimization

Reason to work with upGrowth: Choose upGrowth for a dynamic, customized approach to Amazon SEO that improves your product listings and adapts to the evolving marketplace to keep you competitive.   

16. SunTec India

SunTec India specializes in full-cycle Amazon SEO services designed to increase visibility and conversions for sellers on Amazon.

SunTec India is committed to utilizing in-depth research and a white-hat SEO approach to optimizing eStore listings according to Amazon’s evolving algorithms.

As a user, you'll benefit from their rigorous keyword research and strategic inclusion in your product listings, which will ensure your products rank higher and attract more relevant traffic.

Their competitor analysis further refines your SEO strategy, helping you stay ahead in a crowded marketplace.

You will also appreciate the optimized product descriptions and titles that resonate with potential buyers, improving your product’s discoverability on Amazon.

Additionally, their expertly managed Amazon PPC campaigns target optimal keywords, which enhance your visibility and potential for sales.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Electronics, Home Goods, Apparel, Health and Beauty

Notable clients: DXL, MaisonDrake, BajajFinserv, autrimshop, luna, Bajaj Finserv

Key services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Listing Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Management

Reason to work with SunTec India: Partnering with SunTec India means getting tailored SEO strategies that align with your specific business needs, backed by over 20 years of experience in e-commerce optimization.     

17. Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz Media leverages a data-driven approach to Amazon SEO, focusing on enhancing product visibility and sales through sophisticated optimization strategies.

Their unique selling point is their reliance on comprehensive data and extensive experience to craft strategies that effectively increase product rankings and ROI on Amazon.

You will gain from their dedicated Amazon marketing specialists who use in-depth keyword research to target highly relevant search terms, boosting your product's search visibility.

Experience the benefits of their meticulous category and sub-category optimization, which positions your products more accurately and competitively within Amazon’s vast marketplace.

Chatter Buzz also offers ongoing campaign optimization and quarterly competitor analysis, ensuring your listings stay competitive and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Their full transparency in pricing and reporting allows you to understand and track your investment's performance clearly.

Industries: eCommerce, B2B, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, Government

Notable clients: 3B Medical, Eva Dry, Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association, GLE Scrap Metal

Key services:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Category optimization
  • Dedicated Amazon marketing specialists
  • Data-driven optimization strategies

Reason to work with Chatter Buzz Media: They offer a tailored and transparent approach to Amazon SEO, with all strategies based on rigorous data analysis and real-time adjustments to maximize your ROI.     

18. Prosperity Media 

Prosperity Media is an Australian-based Amazon SEO agency that boosts organic sales and enhances product visibility on Amazon.

They differentiate themselves through tailored SEO strategies, relying on thorough market research and the latest search algorithm updates to maximize client success.

You can benefit from their detailed keyword research tailored to your specific Amazon store, which helps attract more qualified traffic and increase sales potential.

Enjoy enhanced product discoverability through Prosperity Media's expert listing optimization, ensuring your products stand out in Amazon's competitive marketplace.

With their ongoing SEO management and updates, you'll gain a competitive edge, keeping your listings optimized as market conditions change.

Moreover, Prosperity Media's strategic competitor analysis allows you to understand and outperform your competition, securing a more dominant position on Amazon.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Technology, B2B

Notable clients: RateCity, Oneflare, Oppo

Key services:

  • Customized Amazon SEO Strategies
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Full Listing Page Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis and Monitoring

Reason to work with Prosperity Media: They offer comprehensive, customized SEO solutions that are continuously updated to keep pace with Amazon's algorithm changes, providing you with a sustainable competitive advantage.   

19. 1Digital® Agency

1Digital® Agency focuses on providing expert Amazon SEO services tailored to enhance your product visibility and increase sales on Amazon.

They stand out by developing bespoke strategies tailored to your brand’s unique needs, ensuring a noticeable improvement in your Amazon listing’s performance.

You'll appreciate their targeted keyword research that pinpoints the most effective terms to draw in your ideal customers, leading to better search result placement and more sales.

Their advanced on-page optimization tactics will maximize your product descriptions and images, making your listings more attractive to potential buyers.

Benefit from their backend optimization which ensures that all your searchable content is fully aligned with Amazon's search algorithms, increasing your visibility.

Their review and rating management strategies will help you build a stronger online reputation, which is critical for maintaining high product rankings and customer trust.

Industries: eCommerce, Jewelry, Fashion, Electronics, HVAC, Baking, Home Goods

Notable clients: Fast Specialities Group, A&J Cycles, The Wireless Age, Walker’s Shortbread

Key services:

  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Advanced On-Page Optimization
  • Backend Optimization
  • Review and Rating Management

Reason to work with 1Digital® Agency: They offer a comprehensive and customized approach to Amazon SEO, ensuring your products stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve better sales results.  

20. Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap is a UK-based Amazon SEO agency dedicated to maximizing visibility and sales for their clients on Amazon through comprehensive optimization services.

They deliver a data-driven approach to SEO tailored to the unique characteristics of Amazon's search algorithms, ensuring clients achieve top product rankings.

You'll benefit from their detailed audience research, which identifies your products' most relevant customer segments, enhancing your targeting and sales potential.

Their emphasis on competitive analysis helps you stay ahead, understanding and outmaneuvering your competitors on Amazon.

Vertical Leap also offers robust management of customer reviews, which is crucial for improving your product rankings and buyer trust.

Their ongoing optimization services ensure your listings align with the latest Amazon guidelines and best practices, keeping you ahead in a dynamic market.

Industries: eCommerce, Education, Fashion, Property, Restaurants, Travel

Notable clients: P&O Cruises, Help for Heroes, Hillier, Mitchells & Butlers, Fatface, KFC

Key services:

  • Store and product listing optimization
  • Audience and competitor research
  • Review management
  • Amazon analytics and keyword research

Reason to work with Vertical Leap: With a focus on data and customer insights, Vertical Leap promises visibility and actual sales growth, ensuring a high ROI on your Amazon SEO investment.

21. SellerMetrics

SellerMetrics offers specialized Amazon SEO services that enhance product rankings and boost sales through sophisticated keyword and listing optimization.

Their edge lies in combining deep analytical expertise with practical e-commerce experience, providing a data-driven approach tailored to each client's unique needs on Amazon.

You can benefit from their comprehensive keyword research, which ensures your products are visible to the right audience and leads to increased traffic and conversions.

Their optimized listing strategies improve your product's search relevance and enhance overall user engagement and purchase intent.

Experience continuous improvement in your listings' performance with SellerMetrics' ongoing SEO adjustments, adapting to Amazon’s algorithm updates and market trends.

SellerMetrics also offers synergistic PPC and SEO strategies, optimizing both to maximize your visibility and sales on Amazon.

Industries: eCommerce across various sectors

Notable clients: FeelAtHome, Wrist Buddy, Bravokids

Key services:

  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Listing Optimization
  • Integrated PPC and SEO Strategies

Reason to work with SellerMetrics: Their approach combines cutting-edge technology with extensive e-commerce expertise to deliver sustainable improvements in Amazon search performance, making them a valuable partner for serious Amazon sellers.    

22. Goodman Lantern

Goodman Lantern offers specialized Amazon SEO services designed to elevate your product's visibility and improve sales performance on the world's largest online retail platform.

What sets them apart is their deep focus on delivering tailored content that boosts SEO rankings and resonates with the target audience, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

You'll benefit from their expertly crafted product descriptions, which are optimized to meet Amazon's unique SEO standards, helping your products to stand out in a crowded market.

Their strategic keyword placement ensures that your products are easily discoverable by potential customers, enhancing your brand's online presence.

You can also take advantage of their comprehensive SEO audit services, which help identify and rectify any issues that could be hindering your product's performance on Amazon.

With their dedicated approach to enhancing image quality and metadata, your listings will attract more high-quality traffic, leading to better sales opportunities.

Industries: eCommerce, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance & Insurance, IT & Software, Consumer Goods & Services, Health & Wellness

Notable clients: SoftBank, Pearson, TikTok, Tommy Hilfiger, IHG

Key services:

  • SEO Optimised Content
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Product Optimisation
  • Content Management
  • Competitor Research

Reason to work with Goodman Lantern: Choose Goodman Lantern for their commitment to tailored Amazon SEO strategies that are effective and align with your brand’s specific needs, ensuring improved visibility and sales on Amazon.     

23. Data4Amazon

Data4Amazon specializes in Amazon SEO and metadata writing services to enhance product visibility and sales on Amazon.

Their unique selling point is their comprehensive approach to metadata optimization, which ensures products rank highly in search results and attract more buyers.

By utilizing their metadata management, you'll see improved search result prominence and click-through rates, making your listings more attractive to potential buyers.

Data4Amazon's keyword research allows for precise targeting, connecting your products with the right audience, and increasing your market reach.

Their product content optimization ensures your product descriptions are SEO-friendly and compelling, encouraging higher engagement and conversions.

Strategic SEO copywriting will make your product pages more discoverable, directly impacting your sales and revenue growth.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Electronics, Apparel, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Metadata Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Product Content Optimization
  • Strategic SEO Planning

Reason to work with Data4Amazon: Choose Data4Amazon to leverage their expert SEO strategies and metadata optimization, which are tailored to amplify your product's online presence and sales on Amazon.   

24. Pixelcrayons

PixelCrayons provides tailored Amazon SEO services to boost your product's visibility and sales on Amazon.

Their standout feature is their comprehensive seller and brand setup, which enhances your product’s visibility and credibility on the platform.

Setting up a comprehensive seller account ensures all settings are optimized for maximum performance and visibility.

Their expert brand development increases your product’s appeal and recognition among Amazon shoppers.

With their thorough Amazon account audits, you can identify and address any impediments to your product's performance, optimizing for better results.

Their strategic Amazon product launch strategy maximizes your product's initial impact and visibility, setting you up for long-term success.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Electronics, Apparel, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen

Notable clients: KIA, Hitachi, Hello Peter, Qatar Airways

Key services:

  • Seller and Brand Setup
  • Amazon Account Audit
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Listing Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis

Reason to work with PixelCrayons: PixelCrayons is ideal for those looking to significantly improve their Amazon sales metrics through strategic SEO and comprehensive account management.     

25. DigiChefs

DigiChefs offers a robust suite of Amazon SEO services, focusing on optimizing product visibility and sales on the platform.

They distinguish themselves with an approach that emphasizes strategic content and keyword optimization, ensuring products rank well and are compelling to shoppers.

You'll enjoy enhanced product discoverability due to their targeted keyword optimization, which directly connects your offerings with interested customers.

Their focus on high-quality, engaging product content improves user engagement and conversion rates, making your listings more effective.

DigiChefs also prioritizes ongoing optimization and monitoring, ensuring your products maintain high visibility against changing Amazon algorithms.

Their comprehensive service also includes image optimization, enhancing the visual appeal of your listings to attract and retain customer interest.

Industries: Apparel & Fashion, Automobile, B2B, Beauty, BFSI, Consumer Electronics, Education, Food & Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Publishers & Publications, Real Estate, Shipping & Logistics, Social Welfare, Technology, Travel FB Hospitality

Notable clients: CCMC CCGM, Eris, Arkray, The Art of Living

Key services:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Product Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Strategic Content Creation
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Reason to work with DigiChefs: Choosing DigiChefs means ensuring your products are visible and appealing, with ongoing support to adapt to marketplace changes, boosting both visibility and sales on Amazon.  

26. Thrive

Thrive Internet Marketing delivers comprehensive Amazon SEO services to maximize product visibility and sales on Amazon.

Their unique selling point is their proactive approach to Amazon's SEO. They have used their experience since 2005 to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to Amazon's evolving platform.

You'll benefit from their seller account and brand setup services, ensuring your products are optimized for visibility and sales.

Their detailed Amazon account audits will identify areas for improvement, optimizing your listings for better search ranking and conversion rates.

With Thrive, your product descriptions and images are meticulously crafted to engage and convert visitors into customers.

Their ongoing optimization strategy ensures your Amazon presence remains effective, keeping you competitive in a dynamic market.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Technology, Health & Wellness, Sports & Outdoors, Home & Garden

Notable clients: UPS, The Salvation Army, DriverReach, Tavistock Restaurant Collection, Nationwide Construction

Key services:

  • Amazon Account Setup and Brand Registry
  • Amazon Account Audit
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Ongoing SEO Monitoring and Optimization

Reason to work with Thrive: Thrive is recommended for their long-standing expertise and commitment to delivering results through comprehensive Amazon SEO strategies, keeping your listings optimized and competitive.     

27. Team4eCom

Team4eCom specializes in comprehensive Amazon SEO services that enhance product visibility and boost sales through optimized listings.

Their distinctive strength lies in their holistic approach to Amazon SEO, which involves in-depth keyword research and full optimization of product listings to maximize reach and conversions.

You will benefit from their strategic keyword optimization, ensuring your products are easily found by the right audience and increasing visibility and sales.

Their advanced product listing optimization refines your content and keywords to meet Amazon's rigorous standards, enhancing customer engagement and conversion opportunities.

Team4eCom also offers competitive analysis, giving you the advantage of understanding market trends and competitor strategies, allowing you to stay ahead.

Additionally, their image optimization services ensure that your product visuals are attractive and compliant with Amazon's guidelines, further boosting customer interest and potential conversions.

Industries: eCommerce, Apparel, Electronics, Home Decor, Personal Care, Toys & Games

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Image Editing and Optimization
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting

Reason to work with Team4eCom: Engage Team4eCom for their expert Amazon SEO services that ensure your products not only achieve but sustain top visibility and competitive edge on Amazon.    

28. Net2Success IT Solutions 

Net2Success IT Solutions offers specialized Amazon SEO services to enhance product visibility and boost sales on Amazon.

Their unique value lies in using advanced SEO tools and techniques, ensuring that your listings are optimized according to Amazon's latest algorithm updates.

You'll benefit from their detailed keyword research, which precisely targets your audience and improves your product's search rankings.

Their competitor analysis allows you to stay ahead of the curve by understanding market trends and adapting your strategies accordingly.

Net2Success also provides comprehensive listing optimization, ensuring that all aspects of your product are finely tuned for maximum visibility and attractiveness.

Moreover, their regular performance tracking and detailed reporting keep you informed about your product's performance, allowing for timely adjustments and strategies.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home and Garden, Sports and Outdoor

Notable clients: Tangerine, WEBB Investment Network, BVG, Recognize

Key services:

  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting
  • Amazon A+ Content Creation

Reason to work with Net2Success: Choose Net2Success for their comprehensive and up-to-date SEO practices that cater to all your Amazon marketplace needs, ensuring your products achieve and maintain top search rankings. 

29. Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive is a seasoned Amazon SEO agency that enhances product visibility and sales through comprehensive optimization strategies.

They stand out with a unified approach integrating Amazon SEO and PPC to increase visibility and conversion rates, optimizing listings across multiple aspects.

You'll appreciate their detailed product listing optimizations, which improve your product's performance in Amazon search results, enhancing discoverability and sales.

Their strategic use of keyword research helps pinpoint the most effective terms to increase traffic and conversions for your listings.

Overdrive also offers advanced image and video optimizations, which enrich the visual appeal and informational value of your listings and further boost customer engagement.

Their continuous optimization and reporting also ensure your products stay competitive and perform well as market conditions evolve.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Electronics, Apparel, Consumer Goods, Health and Beauty

Notable clients: IBM, Dell, Harley Davidson, Dow Jones

Key services:

  • Amazon SEO and PPC Integration
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Image and Video Optimization
  • Continuous Optimization and Reporting

Reason to work with Overdrive Interactive: Engage with Overdrive Interactive to leverage their expertise in SEO and PPC, ensuring a holistic approach to Amazon marketing that drives traffic and conversions.

30. ROI Minds

ROI Minds specializes in Amazon SEO services to elevate your online sales by optimizing product listings with targeted keywords, enhanced imagery, and compelling descriptions.

They emphasize a deep understanding of Amazon’s ranking factors, using data-driven strategies to ensure prominent visibility and higher conversion rates. 

Their approach includes continuous optimization to adapt to the dynamic Amazon marketplace.

You will gain from their comprehensive audits and keyword research, optimizing your store’s performance and staying ahead in competitive search rankings. 

They also enhance visual content and strategic ad placements for better engagement and sales.

Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Health and Beauty

Notable clients: Blue Pack Marketing, League Outfitters, Celista Wellness

Key services:

  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Product Content Optimization
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Amazon Advertising Management

Reason to work with ROI Minds: ROI Minds is ideal for sellers seeking to improve their Amazon store's performance and sales with tailored SEO strategies and ongoing support.

Key Factors in Choosing an Amazon SEO Agency

  • Proven track record: Look for an agency with a history of successful Amazon SEO projects and positive client testimonials.
  • Industry expertise: Ensure they have experience in your specific industry and understand its unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Comprehensive services: Select an agency that offers a full range of services, including keyword research, listing optimization, and performance tracking.
  • Transparent reporting: Choose an agency that provides clear, regular updates and detailed reports on your SEO performance.
  • Customizable strategies: Ensure the agency can tailor their approach to meet your specific business goals and needs.
  • Effective communication: Look for an agency with a responsive team that communicates effectively and is readily available to address your concerns.
  • Advanced tools and techniques: Verify that the agency uses the latest SEO tools and techniques to keep your listings competitive and up-to-date.

Wrapping Up

This article explored the top 30 Amazon SEO agencies and services, providing a comprehensive overview of each agency's unique offerings.

By hiring a specialized Amazon SEO agency, you can benefit from their expertise, save time, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

While every business has different needs, and each agency offers unique benefits, Blue Things stands out as the best. Their advanced keyword strategies, detailed reporting, and exceptional customer service ensure your products achieve maximum visibility and sales.

Consider your specific needs when choosing an agency, and you'll be well on your way to boosting your Amazon success.

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