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Jun 5, 2024

The 8 Best SaaS Link Building Agencies To Try in 2024

The 8 Best SaaS Link Building Agencies To Try in 2024

A SaaS link-building agency is like a geek, a gardener, and a professional matchmaker in one.

Its SEO experts must always be willing to learn new SaaS techniques, grow your website with sustainable links to quality content, and perform effective outreach that actually gets replies.

This article is where you can find that good agency.

You will learn:

  • Their practical results
  • The methods they typically use for link-building
  • How they stack up against each other
  • What each is best for

But first, let’s explain why you should choose SaaS link-building agencies instead of relying on your own team.


  • Blue Things excels in data-driven strategies, achieving impressive results for clients like Content Allies and Arielle.
  • Siege Media prioritizes asset-based link earning, emphasizing sustainable SEO for long-term growth.
  • Skale focuses on results-driven strategies, promising MRR growth and qualified traffic through effective link-building.
  • Outreach Monks specializes in editorial backlinks, enhancing visibility and credibility.
  • Brainy Bees is ideal for ambitious SaaS startups, offering affordable SEO with PR and link-building tactics.
  • LinkFlow provides comprehensive link-building services, aiming for noticeable impacts within 10 weeks.
  • Growfusely stands out for thought leadership, boosting brand recognition, organic presence, and conversions.
  • SmashDigital excels in relationship-based link-building, leveraging SEO expertise to drive results.
  • The choice of agency depends on your specific goals and budget, with Blue Things offering a versatile mix of strategies for an affordable price.

Why Choose a SaaS Link-Building Agency?

If you’re on this page, you already know link-building means acquiring high-quality links from authoritative websites.

And all this valuable SEO link juice signals to Google that your SaaS website is relevant so that it will rank higher in SERPs.

Outsourcing your link-building efforts to a SaaS agency specifically is the best way to go.

Here’s why:

Expert Knowledge

SaaS link-building agencies have insights that your in-house team might lack.

They know specific B2B and B2C strategies, as well as SEO for enterprise SaaS versus startups.

Plus, they use high-cost, specialized link-building tools for research and monitoring.

Therefore, expert link-builders are very data-driven and results-oriented.

Massive Network

Building links for SaaS requires tons of link-building outreach. SaaS link-building agencies have outreach specialists that practice the most effective outreach tactics.

And they’ve established a massive network of bloggers, content creators, and businesses in your field.

For example, at Blue Things, we conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to identify specific link opportunities in authoritative websites.

content allies

That brings us to the next point.

Authoritative Links

We noticed that many SaaS companies buy links from low-cost link providers.

These agencies build inbound links in low-quality, spammy websites.

Solid SaaS SEO agencies use their wealth of knowledge to get you high-quality links from the best websites.

Their outreach efforts and tactics translate into do-follow links in reputable websites, plus a long-term relationship with those websites.

And Blue Thingshas built relationships across the board in most SaaS sectors thanks to our lead outreach specialist, Snizhana Kolomiets.

Less Effort (and Money)

Your marketing and SEO team can focus fewer resources on link-building.

When these teams do what they specialize and are trained in, you can reach your business goals faster and maximize your budget.

Besides, consider the pipeline value that more organic traffic will bring you.

Here are just two of our cases:

breeeze social proof

Those results are well worth the initial investment in link-building services.


Since you’re signing a contract for specific link-building packages, you can hold them accountable for the results they deliver (or don’t). The agency will follow the metrics you agreed on, such as product signups or MRR increase, following through with all the deadlines.

That’s because, unlike your internal team, the agency has no responsibilities except catering to its clients.

And that’s you.

The 8 Best SaaS Link-Building Agencies

Now you know why you should partner with a link-building agency for SaaS: knowledge, relationships, accountability, and ultimately, ROI that shows.

Let’s see who your best link-building partners should be to reach that business goal.

1. Blue Things: Best Overall SaaS Link Building Agency

  • Services: HARO link-building, editorial link building, relationship-based link-building, link-building outreach, SEO management, content strategy, content writing, technical SEO
  • Clients: inBeat, Tiddle, ThreatX, Arielle, Content Allies, Hurom, iWave

Blue Things is a data-driven SaaS link-building agency that builds white-hat links in authoritative websites with an average DR of 67.

These do-follow links will considerably boost your organic traffic and search visibility.

This agency’s results speak for themselves:

  • Content Allies’ top-line revenue increased by $2,000,000 from high-quality links, with +60% in enterprise sales qualified leads (SQLs).
  • inBeat got $4,000,000+ of organic pipeline value in 12 months through relationship-based link-building with a mix of other SEO tactics.
  • Arielle’s organic traffic value jumped from $17,000 to $73,000 per month during six months of strategically-placed high-quality links.

Blue Things has developed a seamless process to achieve these results.

  1. Identify money pages: Blue Things is a data-centered SEO agency that relies on thorough research. They analyze your keyword opportunities, audience, and competitors to align your SEO efforts with your current goals. And this will accelerate your organic signups, product demos, and downloads.
  2. Research anchor text distribution: Blue Things finds the best anchors according to your customers’ search intents. So the do-follow inbound links you get aren’t there just to signal authority to Google. They get clicked on, bringing you more organic traffic.
  3. Analyze competitors: This is a specific SaaS link-building tactic. Its goal is to find high-potential link opportunities by replicating your competitors’ strategy or finding loopholes you can take advantage of.
  4. Build relationship-based links: Blue Things applies a slew of link-building strategies for SaaS, from broken link-building to HARO and relationship-based outreach. This agency has built a massive network of partners, which it will leverage on your behalf.
  5. Scale: In the world of SaaS, you must constantly scale to stay one step ahead of your competition. And Blue Things constantly scales your link-building efforts by zeroing in on the best strategies and doubling down on them.

2. Siege Media: Best for Asset-Based Link Earning

siege media link building agency for startups
  • Services: Content strategy, SEO consulting, digital PR, content marketing, link-building, content creation, graphic design
  • Clients: Zapier, Quicken Loans, Adidas, Zebra, Norton, Casper, Asana, Airbnb, Audible

Siege Media promises to create at-scale links that Google loves. These white-hat links in authoritative websites will:

  • Drive rankings
  • Enhance your brand recognition
  • Increase your revenue

Here’s their pitch:

Siege Media has a team of expert SEO strategists. They will create your content strategy, and their team of content writers will write compelling content that deserves to gain links.

Basically, Siege Media believes in link earning, not just link building.

This link-building SaaS agency will create assets that consistently bring in those organic traffic and links. Siege Media values sustainable SEO that brings you long-term growth instead of focusing on vanity metrics like traffic spikes.

And they promise to “generate hundreds of links per month” by creating quality blog content that increases your top-funnel rankings.

That means your link partners will see your awesome content and assets, so they’ll link to that organically.

Siege Media promises these link partners will be high-quality bloggers and journalists in your niche who only care about citing quality sources.

By contrast, Blue Things has a more proactive approach.

Quality asset creation is just one of their strategies. Their arsenal also includes HARO, relationship outreach, and guest posting, to name a few.

3. Skale: Results-Driven SaaS Link-Building Agency

skale saas link building agency


  • Services: SEO management, SEO content, link-building
  • Clients: Lightspeed, Maze, User Testing, Appcues, Hubspot, Attest, Piktochart

Skale is a SaaS link-building agency that promises to accelerate your MRR growth because it:

  • Partners with high-authority websites.
  • Practices human outreach.
  • Secures you high-quality niche-specific links.

Their strategy is supposed to bring more than just an occasional traffic spike. Skale promises this approach will increase your activations, SQLs, and MRR.

Basically, you will gain qualified traffic that converts.

Here’s how:

  1. They work with you to determine your goals and SaaS KPIs, such as product signups.
  2. They build your effective link-building strategy with tactics that include guest posting and brand mentions on review websites. Skale works with you on monthly goals but also sets mid- and long-term objectives.
  3. Their outreach team prospects relevant and authoritative domains by analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles to find link-building opportunities. Skale’s team will build relationships with those websites, running an outreach campaign.
  4. Skale’s expert content writers create high-quality guest posts for those link partners and your website.
  5. You get an in-depth monthly report that doesn’t just enumerate your SaaS links. You will also see their impact on your traffic, search rankings, and conversions. Based on this info, Skale SEO experts will propose new links for the upcoming month.

4. Outreach Monks: Best for Editorial Backlinks

outreach monks saas link building agencies
  • Services: Managed link-building, link insertions, guest posts, white-label link-building, blogger outreach
  • Clients: Express VPN, Zocdoc, Sephora, VPN Pro, Mac Paw, Trip Advisor, Coin Base

Outreach Monks specializes in editorial backlinks. These are created naturally when a specialized website in your niche cites your resources to provide high-quality info/ commentary.

Search engines value editorial backlinks the most because they signal trust, relevance, and authority.

Therefore, getting a slew of editorial backlinks will increase your visibility and credibility accordingly.

But Outreach Monks doesn’t just let those inbound links fall from the sky.

They conduct expert outreach to get those links and, thus, gain more targeted traffic that boosts your ROI.

Apart from contextual links, Outreach Monks can also do:

  • Comprehensive backlinks campaigns
  • White-label link-building for agencies
  • Local backlinks
  • Link insertions in a wide range of articles

And they’re one of the most transparent SaaS link-building agencies currently around.

5. Brainy Bees: Best for Ambitious SaaS Startups

brainy bees saas link building agencies
  • Services: Content marketing, social media, PR, and link building for SaaS, tech, and B2B
  • Clients: Navifleet, Kontentino, Rocket Link, Effectively

Brainy Bees is an excellent link-building agency if you’re looking to grow your SaaS startup with effective & affordable SEO.

The content marketing agency has a slew of excellent testimonies from its clients.

That’s because Brainy Bees has a quality arsenal of SEO tactics.

Two of those are PR and link-building.

  • PR: Brainy Bees leverages its extensive experience and professional network to get your assets cited by valuable publications. They will also search for brand ambassador opportunities.
  • Link-building: Brainy Bees finds solid link-building opportunities from websites with high topical relevance, domain authority, and user experience. This helps your overall search engine optimization efforts, boosting your brand recognition.

And that’s not all.

Brainy Bees' dedicated team creates relevant content that attracts organic mentions and editorial links.

This way, your search rankings, and conversions will grow organically in the long run.

6. LinkFlow: Comprehensive Link-Building

linkflow saas link building agency
  • Services: SEO roadmap, link strategy and planning, link-building outreach, link placement, reporting and analysis, SEO management
  • Clients:, Online Education, Better Buys, Kall8, Construction Supplies

Link Flow understands that link-building is one of the four pillars of search engine optimization, along with content, on-page, and technical SEO.

Their SaaS-customized link-building strategies will help you rank higher on Google and achieve your digital marketing goals.

Here’s how their link-building process unfolds:

  • Link Flow creates sustainable SEO: They’re a white-hat link-building agency that follows Google’s algorithms.
  • You can gain more editorial backlinks: Link Flow is a full-service SaaS SEO agency. So, they use their experience to create keyword-rich anchors according to your potential link partners’ search intent. That means more content creators in your niche will discover your pieces of content/assets organically.
  • You will get more quality links fast: Link Flow has a massive network of high-DR website owners, with Ahrefs domain ratings of 50+. Therefore, you can get high-quality contextual link placements on high-authority sites.

Even better, Link Flow promises a “noticeable impact from acquiring high quality backlinks in ~10 weeks.”

So these relevant backlinks will not just improve your rankings; they will ensure qualified traffic from potential customers who actually want to buy your software.

7. Growfusely: Best for Thought Leadership

growfusely saas link building agency
  • Services: SEO management, link-building, content marketing, digital PR
  • Clients: What Fix, Pay Kickstart, Shopify, Document 360, Jet Octopus, Trust Pilot

Growfusely is an SEO agency for SaaS that offers other services besides quality link-building.

But if you’re interested in purely link-building, Growfusely is best for thought leadership.

This SaaS link-building agency won’t just improve your backlink profile to get short-term SEO results. They will attract relevant referral traffic that translates into increased conversions.

That’s what thought leadership does for SaaS.

When you build brand awareness, credibility, and image as a niche authority, you can notice:

  • Better target keyword rankings, meaning an enhanced organic presence
  • More quality referral traffic, aka more qualified leads
  • More signups
  • Increased MRR
  • Low-cost long-term ROI

Growfusely clients have seen their website cited by quality websites like Nimble, Oncrawl, Nicereply, Chat Bot, and Agility.

Here’s how their link-building campaigns go:

Growfusely starts with an in-depth backlink audit, manually analyzing good and bad links. They will remove your bad links and devise a long-term strategy to create a strong backlink profile based on your SaaS goals.

This strategy is based on in-depth research of your competitors and audience profiles.

Growfusely can help your marketing team implement this plan or implement it themselves. You can get:

  • High-quality outreach
  • Guest blog posts on high-quality niche websites
  • Podcasts interviews
  • How-to guides
  • Interactive content assets
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Tools
  • And more

On the downside, Growfusely is a more expensive agency compared to Brainy Bees or Blue Things.

8. SmashDigital: Relationship-Based Link-Building

smashdigital saas link building agency
  • Services: Complete SEO packages with a specialty in link-building services
  • Clients: Dynamite Jobs, Tinyseed, Dentaly, and more

The team of experts at Smash Digital are SEO entrepreneurs themselves.

That means they’ve applied the same SEO and link-building tactics they propose to their clients in their own companies.

That’s how much they trust these tactics to boost search traffic, rankings, and ROI.

Smash Digital prides itself in building 4,577 relevant links in the last 12 months with an average DR of 68. Although they offer complete SEO packages, the agency values link-building above everything else.

Here’s how they work:

Smash Digital strategy experts study your niche, competition, and audience. They use these insights to help you rank among the first for a list of competitive keywords in your niche, thus ensuring more organic, valuable backlinks.

But the agency also uses relationship-based link-building, outreach, and other bespoke strategies to advance your website in SERPs.

Which SaaS Link-Building Agency Will You Choose?

The eight SaaS link-building agencies above can increase your SaaS website’s credibility, visibility, and search engine rankings.

This will boost qualified traffic, increasing your signups, downloads, and MRR.

But each agency employs different strategies and has different price points.

Agencies like Brainy Bees and Siege Media value high-quality content above everything. Growfusely is excellent for thought leadership, and Smash Digital is best for relationship-based link-building.

Choose Blue Things if you want a bespoke mix of all these effective strategies at an affordable price.

Blue Thingsis like a gold digger machine. It will use in-depth data to find the highest-performing SEO link-building tactics for your SaaS business.

And then it will double down on them until you see real results, just like it increased Content Allies’ organic pipeline value to $2,000,000.

If you want to find out how Blue Things can do the same for you, schedule a free strategy call.

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