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Jun 4, 2024

8 Top B2B SEO Agencies to Master the Search Results in 2024

8 Top B2B SEO Agencies to Master the Search Results in 2024

Your SEO efforts are like fishing.

More accurately, building a website and writing random content is like fishing with a net. And that net has big holes.

But hiring a solid agency is like fishing with a spear. You reach all your SEO goals precisely and without delay.

And you’re on the right page to find the best B2B SEO agencies for your needs.

We’ll explain: 

  • What each agency stands out for
  • How their services can suit your needs
  • How they compare to each other

Keep reading below. 

TL;DR - Best B2B SEO Agencies

1. Blue Things: Best for B2B SaaS

  • Focuses on B2B SaaS with data-driven SEO strategies.
  • Expertise in content writing and high-authority link-building.

2. SureOak: All-in-One SEO Agency

  • Offers full-service SEO, web design, and conversion optimization.
  • Provides comprehensive solutions for growth.

3. RevenueZen: Best for LinkedIn and B2B Inbound Marketing

  • Aims to break organic revenue records in 16 months.
  • Specializes in LinkedIn marketing, verbal identity branding, and social selling.

4. Siege Media: Best for Content Marketing

  • A content marketing agency with a focus on SEO-friendly content.
  • Offers digital PR, link-building, and website design services.

5. Brainy Bees: Best for Digital Content

  • Combines quality website content with social media engagement.
  • Affordable option for B2B content marketing.

6. Omniscient Digital: Best Content Agency for Larger B2B Companies

  • Specializes in content creation for larger B2B companies.
  • Offers tailored SEO content strategies and link-building.

7. Ignite Visibility: Best for Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

  • A full-service digital marketing agency with SEO as one component.
  • Suitable for businesses looking for comprehensive digital strategies.

8. Elevato Digital: Best for Building an Online Presence

  • Provides engineering, marketing, design, and hosting services.
  • Suitable for businesses seeking a complete online presence.

Why Hire a B2B SEO Agency?

Tl;dr: B2B SEO agencies have specific knowledge and tools that your in-house team or a B2C SEO agency might lack.

Now for the long(er) explanation:

B2B SEO is different than B2C SEO because B2B companies deal with different challenges, like:

  • Longer sales funnel: Your potential customers do in-depth research instead of buying on a whim.
  • A more expert audience: You are addressing decision-makers in companies. These people are responsible for certain budgets and respond to their hierarchical superiors.
  • A diverse audience: Your B2B buyers have different demographics, interests, and passions. As such, you cannot construct a buyer persona.
  • Less loyalty: Your B2B prospects constantly seek better products to optimize their work and maximize their budgets.

Solid B2B SEO agencies know specific SEO tactics and tools to overcome these issues.

how a b2b agency works

They’ll also connect with your marketing teams and social media management experts to ensure your SEO efforts complement these other strategies.

That way, you can rank higher on search engines and gain more organic traffic that converts.

Best B2B SEO Agencies

This section discusses the eight best B2B SEO agencies in the market. We’ll tell you what makes each of them different so you can understand if they fit your needs.

1. Blue Things: Best for B2B SaaS

  • Services: B2B link building, technical SEO, content writing, SEO management, white-label SEO
  • Clients: inBeat, Tiddle, ThreatX, Arielle, Content Allies, Hurom, iWave

Blue Things specializes in the B2B SaaS niche. If you operate in that industry, you face steep competition.

And the best way to stand out from your competition is to build expertise.

Blue Things helps you do that through:

  • Effective content writing for your website
  • Building links in high authority websites in your niche

Insider tip: This B2B SEO agency is highly data-driven.

Its SEO team of experts always starts from thorough research:

  • Your website: Technical SEO audit, backlink profile, and content audit
  • Your competitors: Content gap analysis to find B2B keyword opportunities and potential link partners
  • Your audience: High-volume keywords based on your B2B prospects’ organic language, website behavior, and trends

Basically, Blue Things SEO experts will find the exact problems that need fixing and precise solutions customized to your website.

They have expert SEO content and outreach teams to ensure your website posts quality content that gets shared.

And that’s not all.

Blue Things constantly tracks your metrics, zeroing in on the best SEO strategies and doubling down on them to maximize your results.

You can see their excellent track record:

  • Blue Things helped its sister agency, inBeat get from 700 to 50,000 organic visitors per month, increasing its pipeline value to $4,000,000+
  • Whatagraph got to DR 77 and 104,000 organic traffic
  • Mention got to DR 84 and 173,000 in organic traffic

2. SureOak: All-in-One SEO Agency

sureoak b2b agency
  • Services: Full-service SEO campaigns, on-page optimization, technical SEO, keyword research, local SEO, link-building, content writing, lead generation, web design, and development
  • Clients: Escapely, EZ Name Change, Luxury Tour, SMS Marketing Platform

SureOak is best if you’re looking for an all-in-one B2B SEO agency to help you with B2B SEO strategy, conversion optimization, web design, and customer generation.

The advantage is that you have one agency in charge of all your growth efforts.

For example, SureOak does not just optimize your website for search engines; it can create it from scratch. And it doesn’t just help increase organic search traffic; it can also handle paid media.

That’s why SureOak promises that its strategic thinking will help you achieve long-term growth.

The agency helps you rank for high-intent keywords that lead to high-value organic traffic. This is qualified traffic that translates into leads and revenue, not just any kind of visitors.

And you can book all their services together or separately.

SureOak can conduct done-for-you SEO campaigns, but they can also take care of separate aspects, such as:

However, this is not an agency specializing in B2B SEO. It has worked with numerous clients across the board, and though that confirms its savviness, you may need specialized B2B tactics to get ahead.

3. RevenueZen: Best for LinkedIn and Inbound Marketing

revenuezen b2b seo agency
  • Services: B2B SEO, B2B LinkedIn marketing, B2B content marketing, verbal identity branding, social selling workshops
  • Clients: 98point6, Zix, Wonderschool, ProdPerfect, Troops, SheerID, Zapproved, Syncari, Bloomfire, and more

The first thing that stands out on RevenueZen’s website is their promise to help you break your previous record of organic-sourced revenue growth in 16 months.

That long period can be disconcerting at first.

But in the B2B SEO space, 16 months is a realistic timeframe for sustainable business growth.

RevenueZen’s unique selling point is helping you build a brand voice and target your B2B clients on their platforms.

That’s why this company offers:

  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Verbal identity branding
  • Social selling workshops

And these B2B SEO services are separate from on-page optimizations, link-building, and technical SEO.

RevenueZen will also conduct B2B keyword research, find the right topics, and write content optimized for all sales funnel stages.

Their vision is that, in B2B, people matter more than the company.

That’s why they help you educate your audience and build relationships with other authoritative websites in your niche.

On the downside, RevenueZen is one of the most expensive B2B SEO agencies in the market.

4. Siege Media: Best for Content Marketing

siege media b2b seo agency
  • Services: Content strategy, SEO consulting, digital PR, content marketing, link-building, copywriting, content creation, blog design, graphic design
  • Clients: Zendesk, Secureframe,, Uscreen, The Zebra, Embroker

Siege Media presents itself as mainly a content marketing agency.

And undoubtedly, SEO-friendly content is an important part of search engine optimization.

Siege Media can create that SEO-focused content because its specialists know how to develop personalized, data-driven content strategies.

Its case studies prove that Siege Media has helped numerous companies, from fintech to e-commerce.

Besides creating authoritative content, Siege Media can also:

  • Promote that content using digital PR and link-building: This increases your domain authority, which leads to higher search engine rankings.
  • Build sales copy for your website: This helps target your qualified leads with high search-intent keywords.
  • Improve your website’s design to make it more intuitive and user-friendly: This increases dwell time and visit depth.

As you can see, Siege Media has a holistic approach to B2B search engine optimization .

Conversely, this agency is best for content marketing. Consider other B2B SEO agencies like Blue Things or RevenueZen if you need done-for-you SEO campaigns.

5. Brainy Bees: Best for Digital Content

brainy bees b2b seo agency
  • Services: Content marketing, social media, PR, and link building for SaaS, tech, and B2B companies
  • Clients: Kontentino, PushPushGo, RocketLink, Senuto, and more

Brainy Bees brings a fresh approach to B2B SEO:

It combines quality website content with excellent social media management. And it does so at an affordable price.

This B2B content agency understands that educating your audience is not enough.

You also need to engage them on social media.

That’s why Brainy Bees can create:

  • Informative, high-quality content for your website, email marketing campaigns, and link partners
  • Online groups on Facebook and Quora so you can connect with your audience
  • Social media content to become more relatable and remain top of your audience’s mind

Besides, Brainy Bees will help with digital PR and link-building to increase your online visibility.

But like Siege Media, Brainy Bees may not be as good as Blue Things if you’re looking for full-scale data-driven SEO campaigns for your B2B SaaS company.

6. Omniscient Digital: Best Content Agency for Larger B2B Companies

omniscient digital b2b seo agency
  • Services: SEO content strategy, content production, content optimization, link-building, technical optimization
  • Clients: Exit Five, Jasper,, Shipyard, Smartling, AppSumo, Lokalise, Wordable

Omniscient Digital is another of the best B2B SEO agencies for content.

But this one is best for larger companies. You can tell by their pricing packages starting at $10,000/month and their clients.

Omniscient Digital can help you with excellent resources even if you’re not in this category.

The agency has a massive library of content and podcasts, and they can help you with individual services.

Its experts can build SEO content that aligns with your brand style and tone of voice to:

  • Get more sales qualified leads
  • Attract more organic traffic
  • Gain the attention of authoritative creators in your niche

Omniscient Digital can create all types of B2B content, from whitepapers to case studies, blog articles, guest posts, and in-depth marketing emails.

They can also help you scale content production to reach all your business objectives.

Here’s how that works:

  • Omniscient digital audits your website and competitors to identify valuable keyword opportunities.
  • Its SEO experts build a content roadmap report to accelerate organic traffic and conversions.
  • They produce the entire content.
  • They build high-quality backlinks in authoritative websites with domain ratings of 50+.

7. Ignite Visibility: Best for Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

ignite visibility b2b seo agenc

Services: SEO, international search marketing, local search marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, PR, website design and development, Amazon marketing, franchise marketing

Clients:, BTO Sports, Mission Federal Credit Union, Fix Auto USA

Ignite Visibility is a good full-service digital marketing agency if you want to develop a comprehensive digital strategy.

Its services are comparable to SureOak, though Ignite Visibility offers Amazon and Franchise marketing as valuable extras.

  • The advantage: You can integrate your SEO efforts into a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • The disadvantage: You may need a more specialized approach to SEO in B2B specifically.

Our advice: Consider your business goals before choosing.

That said, Ignite Visibility offers the following comprehensive SEO services:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content writing
  • Content optimization
  • Link-building
  • User experience
  • Detailed analytics and comprehensive reporting

It can also integrate your SEO efforts with social media, paid search, and email marketing.

And everything starts with a free analysis, strategy, forecast, and timeline.

8. Elevato Digital: Best for Building an Online Presence

elevato digital b2b seo agency

Services: Engineering, marketing, design, hosting

Clients: Coleman Powersports, Honolulu Coffee, Big Tree Medical, Glowforge, SoccerPro

Elevato Digital helps your B2B business build an online presence from scratch:

  • Engineering: They will make your B2B website or app.
  • Marketing: They can develop your entire digital marketing strategy to get ahead in the B2B space.
  • Design: They create and improve your website/blog’s design
  • Hosting: They have a modern server stack that guarantees excellent website hosting.

On the other hand, Elevato Digital doesn’t specialize in B2B SEO like Blue Things or RevenueZen.

Their clients are in different industries, from ecommerce to healthcare. And their digital solutions, albeit highly professional, ring more generic.

Which B2B SEO Agency Will You Pick?

This guide took you through eight of the best B2B SEO agencies.

All have different unique selling points. Brainy Bees is best for blending social media with website content. RevenueZen is best for social selling and LinkedIn marketing. And if you have a larger B2B business, you can consider Omniscient Digital.

But if you’re looking for scalable SEO for tiny or large B2B companies, Blue Things is your best choice.

This agency specializes in the B2B SaaS niche, so it has honed specific SEO strategies for this industry.

It values link-building above everything else, and it’s a data-driven company that doubles down on best-performing tactics.

Blue Things can build your SEO campaign from scratch, help you with just one part, or offer white-label services.

Besides, its CEO trusts it so much that it employs its services to boost its other company, inBeat, from 500 to 70,000 monthly visitors.

Blue Things’ experts can do that for you, too.

Book a free strategy call and find out how.

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